The '90s gave us plenty of testosterone-driven angst, flooding the airwaves with aggression, but how deeply did we analyze the lyrics? Alt-rock star K. Flay did and noticed an underlying vulnerability that she's bringing to the forefront on her Don't Judge a Song By Its Cover EP, which features reimagined versions of rock radio favorites from Limp Bizkit, Green Day and The Offspring.

Her covers of Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff," Green Day's "Brain Stew" and The Offspring's "Self Esteem" now have a cool late night vibe to them, unfurling the emotion lying below the in-your-face aggression of the originals.

“I wanted to put these three songs in a totally new context and really expose the vulnerability of the lyrics,” said K.Flay. “Each cover is a reimagining of a 90s rock hit that was heavy, aggressive and male-fronted. But when you break them down, they are SUPER EMOTIONAL. So this is me celebrating an era that’s had a huge influence on my career, and kind of excavating the emotionality I found in these iconic songs.”

Take a listen to all three reimagined songs below and if you like what you hear, the Don't Judge a Song By Its Cover EP is currently available via the platform of your choosing right here.

Having collaborated with X Ambassadors, grandson and others in 2020, the singer is ramping up to additional new music in 2021. But for now enjoy this fresh take on a trio of '90s rock radio staples.

K. Flay, Don't Judge a Song By Its Cover EP


K. Flay, "Brain Stew" (Green Day Cover)

K. Flay, "Break Stuff" (Limp Bizkit Cover)

K. Flay, "Self Esteem" (The Offspring Cover)

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