You never know what you'll see in Colorado -- like an elk spotted straight chillin' on a roof in Estes Park. It's just another day in Colorado.

I'm not really sure how or why this happened, but you might this elk is now a rooftop chiller. A bull elk in Estes Park was spotted just hanging out on a roof in Estes Park.

It looks like the elk is using this roof to get some prime munchies while he's up there. You can see as he stretching his neck out, he's reaching for the delicious greenery on a nearby tree.

The bull elk looks like he's well fed and has a huge rack. His massive antlers and big belly show us that he's in great shape and maybe he just likes to 'get high' like the rest of Colorado. You can tell he really, really likes the greenery.

I guess there's elf on the shelf and now elk on the roof. It's just another day in Colorado where you never know what you'll catch our wildlife doing next.

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