Junct'n Square Pizza has been in Grand Junction longer than a lot of the people that live here, and has become a long standing and popular pizza staple in the Grand Valley.

Three years ago, Sara Donaldson took over the family run business and went back to the original 1977 menu, when the restaurant first opened. The specialty is their Detroit-style pizza - a square deep-dish pizza - and the sauce is on top. Of course, if you prefer round pizza, it's no problem- Junct'n Square does offer a round crust.

Personally, I don't care if the pizza is round, square, or triangle. Just cover it with pepperoni and I will be happy as can be.

The pizza is great, but there's other delicious offerings as well, like their popular antipasta salad, lasagne, pasta, and hot garlic bread.

Junct'n Square Pizza is a long-standing Grand Junction tradition for lunch and for dinner. They also do catering. The interior has recently been remodeled and it really looks sharp and comfortable.

You'll find Junct'n Square Pizza at the corner of 7th and Main St. in downtown Grand Junction.