Most people know about cannibalism from Hansel and Gretel, the Hannibal Lecter movies, stories of The Donner Party and Colorado's own Alfred Packer. Then there is the real life stories that sometimes surface like that of James Satterfield.

Cobb County Sheriff

James Satterfield and his wife were divorced by Cobb County Superior Court Judge Reuben Green. Apparently it seems James wasn't too pleased with the judge over the time and money involved say investigators.

So James wrote the judge a letter and mailed it to his home expressing his desire to eat the judge's children. Investigators allege that James was in the planning stages of kidnapping and eating the children. Apparently he had moved from his apartment, wrote his wife a fat check, said he wanted his stuff given away and had a gun in his van.
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In his letter he said he would, “cook them first to make them more palatable.”

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James was arrested in December 30, 2012 after mailing the letter. On Tuesday February 29, 2013 a judge ordered him to a psychiatric evaluation and to be held without bond. That judge was not the same judge that has the children James wants to eat.

“cook them first to make them more palatable,”