Since stepping away from Judas Priest, guitarist K.K. Downing has dipped his toes in a number of ventures and the latest is the launching of a new fragrance. While appearing at Planet Rockstock in Wales, Downing was on hand to promote his 'Metal for Men' and 'Metal Pour Femme' fragrances.

In the video interview with Planet Rock above, Downing states, "I think I just woke up one morning and thought of the word 'metal' and I thought 'metal for men' and I thought, straight away, I thought, 'What could that relate to?' And I don't know why I thought about it, but I thought there's nothing out there on the market that's associated with rock and metal fans in respect to fragrances and stuff. And I guess that, combined with my mum asking me continually what I want for Christmas and stuff, and it just came about."

The guitarist says that he had a few contacts who worked with the fragrance industry and soon after 'Metal for Men' and 'Metal Pour Femme' were born.

Downing also addressed his musical future during the interview, stating that he's fine to sit back and see what happens at this point. "I just wanted … after 40 years, just take a deep breath and reacquaint myself with my family and stuff like that for a bit. But we'll have to see what happens," said the guitarist. "Who knows? You might see me … whether it's with Priest, I don't know. But anyway, I'm always doing stuff in the music thing. I don't want people to think that I'm just totally disassociating myself, cause I'm not."

Downing has taken on a role in helping to break young talent in recent years and he adds that he's had a couple of propositions to do some things in 2015.

As for the 'Metal for Men' and 'Metal Pour Femme' fragrances, they're currently available in the U.K. at the Planet Rock website.

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