If you're a decent-enough fan of Alice in Chains, chances are you've seen, or at least heard of, The Nona Tapes. Jerry Cantrell brought back the main character of the tapes during the Museum of Pop Culture's Founders Award event, which celebrated AIC as the recipient of the 2020 award.

Alice in Chains created The Nona Tapes with photographer and director Rocky Schenck — who shot the photos for several of their album covers — in 1995 to promote their third, self-titled album. It's a hilarious 25-minute "mockumentary," which featured Cantrell starring as the imaginary TV personality, Nona Weisbaum, as she conducted interviews with the band members and spent time with them in Seattle.

During the MoPOP's Founders Award livestream, which took place last night (Dec. 1), Weisbaum made her first public return in years.

"Many years ago I came to town, and was trying to write a story," Weisbaum reflected. "But I kept up a relationship with the boys and I kept an eye on them from afar. So it was nice to see 'em get this sort of an honor."

The night was filled with performances from Alice themselves, Metallica, Korn, Corey Taylor, Chris Cornell's daughter Lily Cornell Silver and more. Watch the full stream below — Weisbaum makes her debut around the 12:50 mark.

MoPOP Founders Award 2020 - Alice in Chains

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