The annual nonprofit Telluride Fire Festival is a must-see event. The fiery entertainment is world-class. Plan to make the drive to Telluride the weekend of January 19th-22ed.

Here's a quick rundown of just a few of the amazing art & entertainment you can except to encounter at the Fire Festival.

Kenny Browning

Flaming Frame, Firecracker Hats

Award winning artist, Kenny Browning is also a Master gas fitter, licensed flame effects operator, and welder. His two art cars, The Rochester and The Iron Maiden have won numerous awards.

Jamie Vaida

Music Tree

Jamie Vaida has spent years perfecting his craft of creating beautiful, often functional, pieces of art from recycled metals. He is a veteran creator of Mutant Vehicles for Burning Man. Jamie is creating yet another interactive fiery masterpiece for this year’s Fire Festival.

Justin Gray

Fiery Robots

Justin Gray built his first RC car at age seven and picked up his first welding torch at age sixteen. An apprenticeship with renowned sculptor Martin Metal shaped Justin’s esthetics in patina and metal sculpture. Justin’s robots share his shop with Graywrx Fabrication, a fully tooled machining and fabrication shop, where his broad range of abilities and limitless imagination thrive.


Erin Ries
Erin Ries

Dream Team Spinners

Fire and Aerial Silk Performers

Dream Team Spinners have five plus years of being involved and performing in the fire and flow arts community. They utilize constantly evolving techniques to keep the viewer entertained and push their own skill sets to new levels.

Erin Ries
Erin Ries

Dynamic art performances take place each evening on the public plaza in Mountain Village and on Telluride’s historic Main Street— FREE to all. Don’t miss the fiery art at this year's festival! Fire rocks!

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