George Addison Crawford founded Grand Junction, Colorado on July 22nd, 1882. Crawford also planted the area's first vineyard in Palisade.

In the 141 years since that time, Grand Junction has undergone several changes. Many fun facts can get lost over time unless people remember to share and discuss them. Today we're going to take a little time to do just that.

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Grand Junction Myths and Legends

Did you know that natives of the Grand Valley are said to be cursed? Legend has it the Ute Indians cursed the valley upon their forced exit from Colorado to federal reservation grounds in Utah. The curse says natives who leave the valley will only end up returning. To break the curse you must take sand from the BookCliffs, Grand Mesa, or Colorado National Monument with you when you leave to avoid being 'called back'.

Grand Junction's Secret Tunnels

Did you know there are tunnels that connect some of the oldest buildings in downtown Grand Junction? One example of these is the tunnels connecting the Elks Lodge (4th Street) and the St Regis Hotel (Colorado Ave). The buildings are within a block of one another, which means these tunnels may have been used for all kinds of things back in the day.

Grand Junction is a Town with Many Names

In the earliest days of Grand Junction, settlers are said to have called the area 'belly-ache-flatts'. People would drink the water right from the confluence of the Gunnison and Grand (Colorado) Rivers, and end up with all kinds of stomach problems. Other names for Grand Junction included 'Ute' and 'West Denver'.

We asked you for some fun facts about western Colorado's largest city that not everybody knows. Scroll on to check out 15 things you may not have known about old 'belly-ache-flatts'.

15 Facts About Grand Junction, Colorado That Not Everyone Knows

The next time you are enjoying Happy Hour with friends you can wow them with some lesser-known facts about Grand Junction by scrolling through the photo gallery below. Can you think of a fun fact about Grand Junction that most people don't know?

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We're scrolling through a timeline of Grand Junction history with a look at fun facts you may or may not have known from 1882 to 2020.

LOOK: Scroll Through the Downtown Grand Junction Businesses of Yesterday

If you stop and think about it, several of the business pictured above are still up and running. Most of these photos were taken in the 1950s. Almost 70 years later, many are still going strong. Sure, some have moved to new locations, but others, Quincy's for example, are right where they've always been.