A locally owned and operated Grand Junction, Colorado business is just about to celebrate a major milestone. Be sure to swing by and congratulate this Western Colorado bakery on its 75th anniversary.

Chances are you've been to this bakery dozens of times. You've probably had at least one or two birthday cakes crafted at this location. This special weekend would be the perfect time to swing by and visit again.

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Serving Grand Junction Colorado for 75 Years

Home Style Bakery at 925 N. 7th Street in Grand Junction opened its doors in 1948. Fast forward to the year 2023, and they are still whipping up delicious bakery items including donuts, cookies, cakes, and more.

Home Style Bakery Grand Junction Colorado
Waylon Jordan
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A Long Time In The Same Part of Town

According to their official webpage, Walt Schultz and Al Troester, along with a crew of five employees, opened the bakery back in 1948 at 940 North Avenue in Grand Junction. After 24 years of business, Schultz moved the bakery to its current location at 925 N.7th Street.

Home Style Bakery Grand Junction Colorado
Waylon Jordan

Signature Events of 1948

What was going on in the world when Home Style Bakery first opened in 1948? Well, according to The People History:

  • Indian pacifist and leader Mahatma Gandhi is murdered
  • Israel is declared an independent state
  • The First Polaroid Camera goes on sale at the Boston Jordan Marsh department store
  • British National Health Service Act creates the NHS
  • The World Health Organization, also known as WHO was established
  • The founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) took place
  • The Treaty of Brussels, also known as the Western European Treaty,
  • The Summer Olympics, also known as the Games of the XIV Olympiad in London
  • Long Playing Record USA is made of vinyl and played at 33 RPM
  • The US and UK begin a massive airlift of food, water, and medicine to the citizens of West Berlin following the Soviet Blockade.

New Owners Take Over

The website adds in April 1976 new owners Don and Jan Wilke took over. It seems we have Don to thank for Home Style's famous cinnamon-sugar encrusted cinnamon-raisin bread.

About That Raisin Bread

Directly south of Home Style Bakery, you'll find Brown's Cremation & Funeral Service. I hired Brown's for both of my parents' memorial services. I don't know if this is policy, but at the time, with each dead relative and the purchase of a memorial service, Brown's would give you a free loaf of Home Style's signature cinnamon-raisin bread. This may sound disturbingly morbid, maybe even a bit sick, but after I hired them for the second time, I found myself really looking forward to that raisin bread.

A True Standout In Grand Junction

If you attended Grand Junction High School in the 1980s, you probably made at least one or two donut runs to Home Style Bakery. In the five minutes passing time between classes a motivated, and hopefully athletic student could make it to Home Style and back with an armload of donuts. Looking back, I seem to recall they ran some kind of donut special on Tuesdays.

What Do They Plan To Do To Celebrate Their 75th Anniversary?

I haven't a clue. Earlier today, Tuesday, April 25, 2023, a brief visit was paid to Home Style Bakery. The two clerks on duty could not comment on any upcoming celebrations or specials.

Treat Yourself To a Grand Junction Delight

This is a locally-owned and operated business celebrating 75 years. That's an achievement in and of itself. Add to that the fact they've been at the same location since 1976, and you clearly have a Grand Junction landmark.

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