Isn't it funny how the words to an old commercial or song jingles will stick with you over the years? Can you still sing the old jingle that mentions everything that goes on a McDonald's Big Mac? What other commercials from Grand Junction, Colorado businesses can you remember?

Many of us can remember something from school that we had to commit to memory that years later is no longer of any use to us. We asked you what useless things you still have committed to memory after all these years. We've shared your answers in the photo gallery below.

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It's Amazing How Much Useless Stuff We Remember

Even though some of the information stored in our memories may be of no use to us now, that does not mean some of the things on the list below are not impressive. I was blown away by the number of math and science formulas people still remember. While I can not remember a single locker combination from my days in school, several others still remember their combos to this day.

How Times Have Changed

I've got to give a shoutout to FB user Randall Thompson who still remembers way back in the day when his phone number was 2322J. He told us he still remembers the operator coming on saying "Number Please". Great memory, Randall.

Can you remember your family's old phone number? What about your old zip code from where you grew up?

Commercials and Song Lyrics

I feel like we had more memorable jingles in commercials in the 80s and 90s than we do today. Maybe you have one you can still remember a jingle used by a local business from back in the day?

Shout-outs to Kacie who told us she still remembers all the words to the Lincoln Orchard Mesa Elementary school spirit song. So does Amanda.

Check out 24 things Western Colorado remembers from back in the day, then open our station app to tell us something you still have stored in your memory banks.

24 Useless Things Colorado Still Has Memorized From Back In The Day

What is something you had to memorize in school that is no longer useful? Do you find you can remember useless song lyrics word for word or commercials that you have not seen in years? Join us for a trip down memory lane and tell us something you had to memorize back in the day that is now just taking up space in your memory banks.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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