The Centennial State is home to 57 four-year Colleges, and132 Colorado Colleges, community colleges, and trade schools. If you have a student nearing the end of High School, you've probably already been looking into what schools in our state have to offer.

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Colorado is home to some great schools and several that take a lot of hard work to get into. Do you know which four-year school in Colorado is the hardest to get into? Let's take a closer look.

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Colorado's Hardest College To Get Into

Colorado College in Colorado Springs is the most difficult school to get into in the Centennial State. Colorado College is home to just over 2,200 students with only 14%-15% of applicants gaining admission. Students accepted to Colorado College finished the SAT composite with a score of around 1385, and finished the ACT with a score of more than 31. Tuition for one year at Colorado College is around $67,932.

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Admission Rates At Colorado's Top Schools

The hardest schools in Colorado to get into require some pretty impressive test scores and a deep pocketbook. Take a look at the acceptance rates for the toughest colleges in Colorado:

Colorado's Top Test Scores

See the average test scores required at Colorado's top schools in the photo gallery below and the number of students attending each school. Think back to your test scores coming out of high school and see if you would be accepted today at one of Colorado's best colleges and universities.

College Life: Colorado’s Ten Hardest Universities to Get Into

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