Home Sweet Home could be on the doorstep of the Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction. As if the view in the backyard was not enough, this home sits across the street from Colorado's beautiful Tiara Rado Golf Course.

Scroll on to take a virtual tour of this Colorado dream home, listed at Realtor.com, that comes with a backyard pool and a hot tub.

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Where is Par Court in Grand Junction?

Par Court is about as close as you can live to the Colorado National Monument without living inside it like John Otto. You'll find Par Court on the opposite side of Tiara Rado Golf Course with Tiara Drive leading to Par Court.

What is the Tiara Buttress near the Colorado National Monument?

The Terra Tower Buttress is a popular spot for rock climbers looking for a challenge near the Colorado National Monument. Terra Tower stands at 5,790 feet in front of Otto's Tub on the edge of the Monument. You'll also be able to see Grand Junction's Liberty Cap from your backyard.

Live Across the Street from Tiara Rado

Tiara Radio is a beautiful golf course near the Colorado National Monument. You'll enjoy views of the Grand Mesa and the Bookcliffs from four different tee areas. Tiara Rado features several water hazards and several species of birds Tiara Rado is a member of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program.

Scroll on to see what it would be like to live in this dream home at the foot of the CNM in the photo gallery below.

Grand Junction, Colorado Home For Sale Next to Tiara Rado Golf Course

Never be late for a tee time again when you live across from one of Grand Junction's favorite golf courses. See what life would be like living next to the Tiara Buttress, a signature landmark of the Colorado National Monument.

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