Banning sugary drinks from the kids' menu might not be a huge deal for some kids in Colorado. To others though, this might be the beginning of a meltdown city. Her's what's being proposed...

Major Colorado City Proposes A Ban Of Sugary Drinks On Children's Menus


For the most part, when families, or at least when my family goes out to eat, we're out to have a good time. Be it a celebration, or just to do something different with the family than eating at home.

Since it's a fun night out, we usually let the kiddo get whatever he wants drink-wise, and he'll usually pick a soda. One Colorado city has a proposal that would make it a little harder for kids to get soda or other sugary drinks.

Denver Proposes Sugary Drink Ban From Kids' Menus


You may soon see the default beverage on kids' meals in the city of Denver change from soda and juice, to water and milk if a newly proposed city ordinance is passed. The reason for the proposal is to help promote a healthier lifestyle and fight obesity in children.

It's not a new idea as Colorado cities Longmont, Golden, and Lafayette have already passed similar city ordinances. The funny part is, we live close to Longmont and dine there all the time, and truthfully have never noticed this.

They may offer "milk or water" as their default option, but it's still easy to order a soda. Begs the question, if it's just as easy to order a sugary drink, what's the point of this ordinance at all? Taking them off the menu doesn't change anything...

If passed, it would go into effect in July of next year, giving all Denver restaurants time to change their menus to offer more healthy options for kids, in hopes that families will select the new highlighted options over the traditional soda, juice, etc.

The City Council and Denver Mayor Mike Johnson still need to fully discuss and look over the ordinance proposal before anything can move forward.

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