When you go to Red Rocks Amphitheater for a concert, you're probably going to have a drink or two. Whether it's an alcoholic beverage, soda, or just water, you are going to need to hydrate after walking all of those stairs and the incline.

Some curious minds wanted to know what the economic impact of Red Rocks was and they did a study. Some of the information they found was fascinating. In a single season, Red Rocks Amphitheatre sees a lot of people and a lot of money being generated.


According to Denver Arts and Venues, Red Rocks Amphitheatre has an impact of 7,300 part-time or full-time jobs all thanks to the activities that take place at the venue. That equates to approximately $216 million in payroll in the Denver Metro Area.

Where are Red Rocks Amphitheatre attendees from?

Approximately 30 percent of attendees at Red Rocks are from outside of the Denver Metro Area and some of the top markets for those who live out of the state include Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, and San Fransisco.

Drinks sold at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

In 2022, Red Rocks had $186 million in gross sales. We're talking Coca-Cola, water, Coors, other beer, malt beverages, and seltzers. There were more than one million malt beverages sold at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 2022. There were also more than 400,000 seltzers sold in the 2022 season at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This means that Red Rocks was the top-selling on-premise location for White Claw seltzers in the entire nation.

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Another fun key takeaway from this study is that there were more than 111,000 hot dogs sold at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 2022. However, not all of them were eaten. Every time I go to Red Rocks for a concert, I always happen to see a dropped hot dog. Always. To see more on the economic impact that Red Rocks Amphitheatre has, visit artsandvenuesdenver.com.

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