UPDATE: Out of Nowhere, featuring The Voice Persia winner Amin Yahyazadeh, have released their first new song and video since the singer's victory. Take a listen and watch "Disconnect" below.

Out of Nowhere, "Disconnect"

It's not often that hard rock and metal make an imprint in the world of televised singing competitions, but that recently changed as Amin Yahyazadeh, singer/songwriter for the Iranian deathcore outfit Out of Nowhere, just took home the title on the inaugural season of The Voice Persia.

The Voice has become one of the major singing competitions around the world, and recently a new version of the show aired in Iran, becoming one of the country's most watched television shows.

Much like The Voice in other countries, deathcore is not the primary style of music, so Amin adapted to fit the vocal styles he was covering. Showing that he had more than just the heavy rock vocals in his arsenal, the singer delivered stellar clean pop vocals on song after song, eventually showing more of his rock side en route to the title.

"The race has ended and I learned so much new things during this program. I have met the talents of good voice. I saw tears and smiles from a short but deep friendship. Fighting to reach the goal. Stories of immigrants interested in music and ....... this part of my life, despite all its difficulties, became very sweet and memorable for me," said the singer.

"I hope to see the success of my artist friends that I met in this program more and I am proud of them day by day It was an honor to be beside great artists like @leilaforouhar, @isogand, @kamyarmusic and finally from my amazing coach @bijan_mortazavi_original who worked hard so that we could win this match," he added, then continuing, "If I win this competition I would only owe it to my wife who supported me to go to this competition @fa.temehbaqeri. Thank you very much for supporting from the beginning of the show and giving me a lot of energy."

While The Voice Persia title is a great accolade, Amin also received $50,000 for the victory. Plus, his Instagram followers shot up from 5,000 before the program to 130,000.

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Out of Nowhere first appeared on Loudwire's radar back in 2021 with the release of their aggressive song "Blind Crow." The band spoke openly about the threat of imprisonment or even execution for performing the music that they do, with heavy metal often being suppressed in their environment. But despite the difficulty in bringing metal to the masses, there is still a wealth of great metal coming from the Middle East, as the band shared through a Loudwire list naming off their favorite metal acts from the Middle East back in 2021. The band is currently working on new music, with a new single and video expected shortly.

Loudwire sends out congratulations to Amin Yahyazadeh, The Voice Persia Season 1 winner. Revisit his performances from his introductory background package through to the final performances of Season 1.

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