Not every album is a winner, but some records take some time to find their audience. With this list, we're revisiting 15 2000s Rock Albums that we feel are definitely deserving of a second chance after either failing to initially meet expectations commercially, critically or just plain confusing their fanbase.

You have to think that after their commercial breakout Sing the Sorrow and the chart-topping follow-up Decemberunderground, it was quite the surprise to see AFI debut outside the Top 10 with Crash Love. The record had a short run, with two singles, but there was plenty still left on the table, and we take a closer look at that.

There was hardly a band bigger than Limp Bizkit at the turn of the millennium, but their Chocolate Starfish follow-up Results May Vary was critically savaged. Was it that bad or did the album fall victim to a Fred Durst tear down and bad timing of a musical shift away from nu metal?

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Those are just two of the records we dig into as we re-examine 15 Maligned Rock Albums of the 2000s That Deserve a Second Chance. And you can revisit our Maligned Rock Albums of the '90s below that.

15 Maligned Rock Albums of the 2000s That Deserve a Second Chance

Has time been kind?

15 Maligned '90s Rock Albums That Deserve a Second Chance

Did everyone judge too harshly?

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