Every single person goes through that "awkward phase" before they have their glow-up. I used to have Justin Bieber hair, I exclusively wore graphic t-shirts and cargo shorts, used 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, and refused to get a piercing of any kind.




I was one of three boys growing up, but I have one younger sister whom I love dearly. Anyone who has been the only boy/girl in the family or has been in the majority knows that this sibling can sometimes be left to fend for themselves.


Photo by Izzy Park on Unsplash
Photo by Izzy Park on Unsplash


As a result, my sister is pretty independent and is unfortunately the coolest person in our family, but thankfully, she (not so nicely) shares her secrets. She can be brutally honest, but without that honesty, I would not be the kind of cool person I am today.


The Cool Sister Effect

As explained by TikTok user Joe Frat, known as Fettuccinepoopsock, The "Cool Sister Effect" is when your "cool sister" is brutally honest with you to help you look better. As Joe states in his video, he started getting attention from girls after his sister started giving him suggestions on what shirts to wear, how to style his hair, and that he should have a skincare routine.




While it was tough love at first, it paid off in the end.

"It's a system of checks and balances, and it hurts! It hurts your feelings at first, but then you come out the other end a cooler guy."


Sometimes you need that person in your life to tell you how it is, and that person might just be your (cool) sister.


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