Montrose, Colorado is a town that has no shortage of beautiful houses. Sometimes, a few of those houses end up listed for sale. Unfortunately, many of those homes seem to be a little on the expensive side, leaving many Montrose residents priced out of contention for some of the most beautiful places to live.

If you're looking to move to Montrose, it can be difficult to find a house that fits in your price range when you don't happen to have an infinite amount of money. Luckily, there are quite a few houses available in town that won't break the bank, and might even leave you with enough money to actually do something after you pay the bills.

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That is the exact type of home we're looking at today, with the added bonus of being an objectively beautiful house. This 3-bedroom at 849 N Uncompahgre Ave is perfect for a family looking to make the move to Montrose, and while it isn't cheap, it won't have you begging on US-50 to raise money for the down payment.

The best part about this house is that there's no HOA, so as long as you don't break any laws, you won't have any nosy neighbors checking to make sure you've mowed your lawn to the precise specifications. In a world where everyone is in everybody's business all the time, I'd say taking one more intrusion out of the equation is welcoming to most.

If you're looking to make a move, check out the listing at You'll be glad you did.

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