If I find what I consider to be a lucky penny on the sidewalk, sometimes I will take that as a sign that I should buy a lotto ticket. Sometimes, I’ll get an actual lottery ticket, and other times I’ll get a scratch-off ticket.

Some people might choose a scratch-off ticket based on the price per ticket. Yes, I do that, but I also pick them based on the graphics. While the graphics don’t ensure you will win a prize, neither does the price.

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Different games have different prizes, and some of them have more prizes than others, including the number of top prizes. You could buy a $10 ticket and have a chance at winning $250,000.

Did you know that you can look at the odds of each scratch ticket on the Colorado Lottery website?  I did not.

Some games, obviously, have better odds than others. You can also find out how many top prizes are still remaining for each game.  That doesn’t necessarily mean one of those top prizes will be at the location where you buy your ticket, but hopefully, you’ll get a winner the next time you buy one. Plus, I’m not really sure how that works. A friend of mine used to buy scratch tickets, and then wouldn’t scratch them. Not sure how tickets like that would be accounted for.

Here are some Colorado Lottery scratch tickets that still have a top prize remaining, waiting for you:

Winning Colorado Lottery Scratch Tickets Still Available