There are both full-time and part-time positions. Apply today.

It's the first time in months I've written the word 'summer' in a post. Could it really be true that spring's just over three weeks away and then it's summer? The City of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation is looking to hire you. And it's not just a few openings, they need nearly 100 persons for summer jobs. If you need a gig, or perhaps looking for an additional income, now's the time to apply.

The list of opportunities is long. On the cities website you'll find the usual summer jobs like lifeguarding, calling balls and strikes, and giving tennis lessons, there too you'll find full-time, year-round, openings as well. A few of those positions include Utilities Safety Program Coordinator, a Parks Maintenance Supervisor, and the city is still looking to fill open Dispatcher and 911 Call Taker openings.

If you're even thinking about any of these job openings, apply now. The summer jobs will be filled in the next three to six weeks. "My key advice is don't wait," says Emily Krause, the City of Grand Junction Recreation Supervisor. "Don't come looking for a job in May, they will be filled and closed, now is the time."

For a complete list of the cities open positions and to fill out an application, click HERE. Here's to summer! Sorry, winter, I'm over it.

Credit: KKCO11News

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