Today (July 23) is National Hot Dog Day so if you need an idea for dinner tonight grab a package and enjoy the American classic.

It is estimated that we eat over 20 billion hot dogs each year that is about 70 per person. I’m not sure I eat that many but I have been to plenty of ball games I know there are people picking my slack.

The first food eaten on the moon was the hot dog as Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin enjoyed the little sausage while on their 1969 mission.

The place that sells the most hot dogs is non-other than 7-Eleven. They sell over 100 million of the roasted dogs each year and Washington D.C. buys most of them.

Hot dogs first showed up at a baseball game in 1893 when Chris Von de Ahe, owner of the St. Louis Browns, introduced the “Little dog” sausages and they became a fan favorite. Today Dodger Stadium is king of the hot dog as they sell more than any other in the country.

While you can get a variety of things on your hot dog kids most likely have ketchup while some 87% of adults like mustard making it the most used topping.

So, grab a package tonight and enjoy the number one summertime food in the good old USA the hot dog.