CMU 20000, the group behind the push for the North Avenue name change has asked to the city to rethink the idea.

Not being from here I didn't fully understand all the hoopla surrounding the North Avenue name change to "University". I do, however, understand what history and tradition mean to a community and some things are better off not changing. Now that the organization responsible for requesting the name change is asking the city council to reconsider the move, it's almost certain that North Avenue will stay named as it is. The city council is scheduled to vote on the measure again on November 1st.

Businesses along North Avenue would have been the most affected by the change. Some had "North" in their name and changing that would have been problematic. It appears too that those pushing for the change underestimated what the name ment to the residents of Grand Junction.

The name change idea has simply become a distraction and wasn't helping move the CMU 20000 plan forward. In the organization's request to the city, it not only asks the council to reconsider the name change but requested for a dedicated team be appointed to help raise the visibility of Colorado Mesa University throughout Grand Junction. And if I understand it correctly, is what the CMU 20000 initiative is all about. Certainly not the name of a street named "North".

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