In This Moment are no strangers to ShipRocked, and this year they performed two stellar sets on the Deck Stage and the Stardust Theater. We had the chance to sit down with guitarist Chris Howorth on the Norwegian Pearl as we made our way back to Florida during a full day at sea.

Howorth spoke candidly about how he never imagined being in a female-fronted band but explained that In This Moment is the best thing that could’ve happened to him. When you see Howorth onstage, it’s obvious he is having the best time possible. This was especially true during ShipRocked 2014, where fans dressed up like members of the band. Women donned black facepaint while big burly men wore blonde wigs and corsets to capture the essence of frontwoman Maria Brink. At the Stardust Theater, in addition to the theatrics onstage, the fans in costume created their own theatrics in the crowd.

Howorth also talked about In This Moment’s first live DVD ‘Blood at Orpheum,’ which was recorded in Wisconsin. The night marked the first show with the masked ‘Blood’ back-up dancers onstage. He also mentioned his initial hesitance at the thought of back-up dancers as part of the live show but admits the innovative idea soon won him over and added to the band’s evolution as a whole. Check out Part 1 of our interview with Chris Howorth of In This Moment above, and stayed tuned for Part 2.