Thousands of marijuana plants recently seized in Montezuma County.

Earlier this week authorities busted nine persons arresting them on state changes with two being charged with federal crimes. One of the raids was executed early Tuesday morning.  That bust was the result of investigators being tipped off by a neighbor that complained of smelling marijuana. Are you kidding? What are these growers thinking?

I'll admit it's crazy to drive near Palisade and see pot growing in carefully cultivated rows. That doesn't make me think "wow, I should grow myself some and make some money." If you're not following state regulations and a legit operation, you're going to get busted. Plain and simple.

One of the raids was the result of a long two-year investigation. That bust yielded an estimated $100,000 to $200,000 in cash and about 4,500 plants confiscated from a 5-acre plot. I've said it before, you would think the legal weed situation in Colorado would put an end to these type of operations. It's obviously not the case. The lure of big money is just too much for some people to resist. Even stupid criminals that get busted by a strong breeze.

Credit: The Journal

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