If Santa Claus was from Colorado, he'd do things a bit differently. This is what Santa Claus would be like if he was from Colorado.

Santa's Sleigh

Santa Claus is usually pictured riding in some sort of wooden and metal sleigh, but if he was from Colorado his sleigh would be different. Santa's sleigh would look more like snowmobile and his reindeer would be elk instead.

No Cookies Left Behind

If Santa was from Colorado, there would be zero cookies left behind. The munchies would allow him to enjoy every single cookie left for him. Colorado Santa likes to enjoy some Jack Frost before he spreads the Christmas cheer.

Not the North Pole, But Cold Enough

Since Santa is from Colorado, his workshop isn't in the North Pole, it's on Mount Elbert. Mount Elbert is 14,440 feet tall and is the tallest mountain in the state. It only makes sense his workshop is in a cold and remote place. All of those toys take a lot of work to make.

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