As I shared yesterday, I've decided to take up hiking this fall. My co-worker had suggested the Gunny Loop Trail. Today I'm being told, "While you're out that way, might as well check out the old kiln."

The what? The story goes, so I'm told, that there's an old kiln along a trail in Bangs Canyon near the Gunny Loop, on what was once called the Old Kiln Trail. However, for several years the kiln wasn't where it was thought to be? Lost somehow? Well, these photos prove it's out there, I guess the question is exactly where.  

Ray Old Kiln 2

 The idea of checking out an old kiln sounds interesting enough. It's believed The Utes built it thousands of years ago. However, I don't want to get lost on my first outing. You would think that walking the Old Kiln Trail would take you to it, but I've been told that's not the case. So what's the deal? Is it out there? If so, where can you find it?

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