Facebook can be a great place where you can connect with friends and family. But, then there are those certain friends who love to use Facebook as their platform for political mudslinging. There are small tweaks you can make to Facebook to keep your news feed from getting big time irritating once the 2016 elections kick into high gear.

So, what do you do if you don't want to unfriend someone on your page, yet their political views are driving you crazy? Here is a tip to make 2016 tolerable on Facebook.

The "Hide All From" option is your friend

Facebook options - Doc Holliday
Facebook options - Doc Holliday

Got a post that is irritating you? There are lots of things you can do. First you click the little down arrow in the top right part of the post which will open up options.

  • Do you still want to see status updates from this friend, but don't want to see anything from this particular page? Choose the "Hide all from" for that page.
  • Is this friend a regular offender of your sensitivities? Choose the "Unfollow" for that person.
  • Just generally don't like this type of post? Then, just choose the "Hide post" option.

You would be surprised how less irritating your Facebook news feed can be once you've told your page what (and who) you don't like to see.

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