We are less than a month away from the Junior College World Series in Grand Junction, but tickets for the event are already being sold. There's only one way to ensure you get the perfect seat you want.

There has always been reserved seating at JUCO, but the overwhelming majority of the seats were general admission, first come first served. Then, there was a big change, which meant that any seat in the stadium could be reserved - even if it was clear down the left field line.

Actually, this a brilliant idea, because it does give people the opportunity to reserve their choice seat. Some people like to be down low close to the fence. Others like it half way up, or at the very top. For so many years, these seats could not be reserved - except by people taping down a blanket over their chosen seats, and the seats often times remaining vacant until the night time game.

There are two options for reserving seats. One is a $156 season pass for a premium backed seat below the tower on the first base side. The second option is a $76 season pass, which allows you to choose your seat for the entire tournament from any other section.

For those that aren't particular about where they sit, the $35 general admission pass is available, with no guarantee of where you will find a seat.

Reserved tickets can be purchased by phone at  800-626-8497 or online via Monumental Events.  The sooner you reserve the better your chances of getting the seats  you want. Single game tickets should go on sale soon.

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