What's the proper pronunciation of Colorado?

After two years here I'm not sure I'm saying it right. What is the proper pronunciation of Colorado? Back in my home state, there's the debate on how to say Missouri. Some say Missour-ee, others say Missou-rah. I'm an "ee" person. I did some investigation and apparently, both are wrong. According to Charles Gilbert Youmans, College of Arts and Science’s professor at the University of Missouri, he says that the state’s pronunciation is a mix of the native American, English, and French peoples that lived in the region and "Missouri" was said a different way entirely. That's another story.

How do you say, "Colorado"? Is it Colo-ROD-o,  Colo-RAD-O, Col-Uh-Ray-Doh? The state is named after the Colorado River. That is Spanish for "Rio Colorado" - meaning "red river". If you go with the original from the Spanish translation it should be Coh-Loh-Rah-DO, right? There's only one way to settle this. The democratic way. Let's take a vote.

Credit: 9News

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