National Weed Appreciation Day is Thursday, March 28th.

I'll be the first to admit I didn't know there was such a thing as 'National Weed Appreciation Day' until I stumbled across it the other day while on my neverending quest to find something compelling to write about. Of course, the day was established to share the celebrate the benefits of weeds to our ecosystem. However, in Colorado, it can take on a whole different meaning alltogether.
National Weed Appreciation Day is observed on March 28th each year. In case you didn't know, humans have been using weed(s) for food and medicinal value for centuries.
Weed(s) can be fun and good for you! (The double entendre opportunities here are endless) But seriously, with spring comes dandelions. They, like other weeds, serve a purpose. Did you know that dandelions are a food source for many insects and some birds? Some folks eat young dandelion leaves and enjoy making tea from the leaves and wine from their flowers. Native Americans believed dandelions to have certain healing properties and used them to treat a variety of ailments. Dandelions, in fact, have vitamin A, C, calcium, iron, fiber, and other nutritional value.
That's nice and all but the fact that we live in Colorado, doesn't that give residents another excuse to celebrate the most famous weed of all? Don't get me wrong. I'm suggesting we need another 4/20 but it is National Weed Appreciation Day and we do live in Colorado. Well, however, you celebrate be sure to use the hastage #WeedAppreciationDay to post the fun on social media. Happy National Weed Appreciation Day everyone!

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