George Clooney's old squeeze happens to have a pair of the longest legs ever featured in modeling. You guys might recognize her as "The Legs of the WWE" and "The Duchess of Dudleyville." That's right, say hello to the legs that go allllll the way up, Stacy Keibler.

Hulk Hogan may have boast about his 42" pythons (the Hulkster's nickname for his steroid-induced biceps), but Stacy Keibler had 42" legs, now those are pythons. Whether it was gracing the covers of Maxim or acting as a WCW Nitro Girl, Stacy Keibler has cemented herself as one of the finest women in the world. So just be amazed at those legs in action in this collection of the Hottest Stacy Keibler GIFs Ever.