As you guys probably know by now, we love Twitter. It's pretty much where we get all of our information, and by 'information' we mean sexy pictures. If the internet went down, and smartphones stopped working, we'd basically be screwed.Twitter is already a pretty popular place for posting pics, but things have gotten even more awesome, recently. Maxim has figured out a way to guarantee that hot women from all over the world post scantily clad self-portraits. Even more awesome: they do it all at the same time. It's called #HotPicAtNoon, and everyone is doing it, seriously.

Girls don't have to bemodels to participate; just a babe with a camera -- or camera phone in most cases -- and a dream. We just hope they don't mind if they end up starring in our dreams that night. No worries, they aren't dirty. Okay, we are lying; they are pretty dirty.

Here our are ten favorite 'Hot Pic At Noon' contributors, so far:





















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