What the heck is going on Horizon Drive?

I've just landed here in Grand Junction. I'm from Kansas City (the Missouri side I might add) and not only am I the new afternoon rock radio guy on 95 Rock, I've also spent some time behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler.

As a holder of a CDL, and former professional driver, I have a natural disdain for those pesky orange barrels. So when I spotted them encircling the roundabouts just outside of my temporary residence at the Double Tree Hotel, I felt a bit uncomfortable.

Construction? Really? Right outside my door? Every day coming and going from work? Doesn't seem fair.

Ray Michaels

However, once I realized the barrels were there to protect the addition of art, my mood began to change and my curiosity took over. Where did these cool horses come from anyway? What are they representing? I did notice the name, Joseph Fichter, I discovered more about the works and why they're here.

Have you checked out the new sculptures?