Finnish love metal titans HIM have just released a new music video for the song 'Tears on Tape.' The song is the title track from HIM's upcoming eighth studio album, and the video for 'Tears on Tape' follows the path of a mysterious symbol drawn by HIM vocalist Ville Valo.

The reoccurring symbol is somewhat reminiscent of HIM's iconic heartagram logo, which has been adopted by fans all over the world. Much like the heartagram, the foreign symbol featured in HIM's 'Tears on Tape' video is spray painted, tattooed and tagged by various other means by those entranced by its meaning. The theme of unification is also present in the 'Tears on Tape' clip, as those who spread the message sing HIM's new song simultaneously.

Ville Valo recently spoke about the process of creating HIM's 'Tears on Tape' album during an interview with Artist Direct. "Creating an album is very similar to the classic notion people use to describe the '60s -- 'If you remember them, you weren't there.' Your heart, mind, and body are so into the process of making an album that it goes in a flash, and it's like a blur."

HIM's eighth studio album, 'Tears on Tape' arrives on April 30. The band will hit the road for a brief North American tour this May with support from Eyes Set to Kill.

Watch HIM's 'Tears on Tape' Video