Alt-rockers Highly Suspect have set The Midnight Demon Club as the title of their fourth album and, offering a wide perspective on what to expect from this record, the band has debuted two songs — "Natural Born Killer" and "Pink Lullabye — which are stylistically very different, one being quite heavy and the other being a more beat-based rock track.

“Life comes at you fast," says lead vocalist and guitarist Johnny Stevens, also known as 'Terrible Johnny,' "We are constantly reminded of this, and perhaps no greater occurrence will spark the imagination more than the death of a loved one. In my experience, it’s during these moments of processing great loss that the mind is completely focused on ‘what if’s’ as we try and escape what is. The Midnight Demon Club is about becoming the best version of yourself after tragedy, so it’s a second chance on life with a happier mindset. The Midnight Demon Club is all about having fun and keeping it moving. Because as we all know, this life is way too short.”

Speaking about "Natural Born Killer," he adds, "I’m always fighting for my place out here in this world. And there are two mindsets one could have - rollover and mope about the hard shit or just be a motherfucking life beast and smash all your challenges at hand. And if you’re really a badass, have fun doing it. That’s the flow. That’s the essence of being a natural born killer."

Listen to both songs below and view the album art and track listing for Midnight Demon Club further down the page. Look for the album to be released on Sept. 9 through Roadrunner Records/FRKST and pre-order your copy here.

Highly Suspect, "Natural Born Killer" Music Video

Highly Suspect, "Pink Lullabye"

Highly Suspect, The Midnight Demon Club Album Art + Track Listing

Highly Suspect, 'The Midnight Demon Club'
Roadrunner Records / FRKST

01. "The Sound"
02. "Natural Born Killer"
03. "Ice Cold"
04. "Midnight Demon Club"
05. "Caught on Fire"
06. "Wild Eyed Son"
07. "Pink Lullabye"
08. "New California"
09. "Need to Say"
10. "Cool Kids"
11. "Love Like This"
12. "Evangeline"

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