15-year-old Levi Frunk, a high school student in Portland, Oregon, is a pretty smart kid. He's one of those kids that takes stuff apart, changes it all around, then puts it back together with no problem. So, it's not much of a surprise that he built a homemade phone charger that he brought to school with him.

Unfortunately for Levi, someone at the school thought that it looked like an improvised explosive device and evacuated the school and called the police.

Levi was suspended a day and a half for "disrupting school," which is a violation of the school handbook. He will also miss playing in the school's homecoming football game. But, he appears to be taking it in stride, saying that he understands the school's decision.

Now, in the school's defense, the charger does look a bit shady. But do you think that he deserved to be suspended over it? Let us know below!

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