Hey Colorado: Get ready, get set, and hike for the chance to win $10,000!

According to a report from Tincup Whiskey, a special edition gold-plated cup has been hidden on a hiking trail in Colorado. If you find the cup, you'll take home $10,000.

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The Spirit of Adventure

The team behind Tincup Whiskey has created a thrilling treasure hunt that is certain to encourage many to hit the trails in search of 3 hidden golden cups. Those who find the cups will collect a $10,000 finder's fee, but it won't be easy!

Tincup Whiskey will release clues to help uncover the location of the hidden cups, but you'll still have to put in the work to reach them.

Here are the basic clues that are given to find each cup:

1. Not buried

2. Off the beaten path

3. Nowhere dangerous

4. Outside

5. Found after an adventure worth toasting

Which States Had the Other Golden Cups?

The first golden cup was hidden in Texas in Hill Country. Video clues were released that helped treasure hunters narrow down the location of the cup. Keep in mind that a special code is required to unlock the box where the cup is stored.  Jack Micco and his team Kate Ford and Charles Herst followed the clues and discovered the first golden cup, taking home $10,000.

The second golden cup was hidden in the redwoods in California. Somewhere along Steven's Trail is where the cup was hidden and found. The name of the winner of cup 2 has yet to be released.

Golden Cup Returns Home to Colorado

For those who are unaware, Tincup Whiskey calls Colorado home and the tiny town of Tincup is actually where the popular spirit was created.

To close out this year's spirit of adventure treasure hunt, the 3rd golden cup has been hidden somewhere in Colorado. Professional skier, Caite Zeliff has been tasked with hiding the final cup and hunters will need to use Caite's clues to uncover the location of this unique treasure.

More clues will be released soon so keep an eye on Tincup Whiskey's social media pages to unlock the location of the final hidden golden cup.

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