It's always fun when a Colorado town is featured on a television show, especially a makeover show. Add to that, People magazine talks about the town and the makeover. Super fun!

The town is Fort Morgan, Colorado. Fort Morgan is about 80 miles southeast of Fort Collins. Fort Morgan has just under 12,000 residents. So it is a small town indeed.

Imagine how exciting it was when the stars of the HGTV show Home Town Takeover arrived in Fort Morgan.

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The show features two power couples ready to refresh the small town. Erin and Ben Napier have teamed up with Fixer to Fabulous stars Dave and Jenny Marrs. Their time in Fort Morgan included a goal to complete 18 renovations in four months, including businesses, local hot spots, and the bowling alley.  These will be featured over six episodes of Home Town Takeover.

Dave Marrs addressed the crowd when they arrived and announced  "The goal of Home Town Takeover is to take what is already amazing about these small towns, amplify it and show that it's a great place to live and to work and to visit."

Fort Morgan has mostly an agricultural economy. It's home to a Cargill meatpacking plant.

Thanks to a quick search on Wikipedia I found the rich history of this little town. Fort Morgan was originally Camp Wardwell established in 1865 "to protect emigrants and supplies going to and from Denver and the mining districts. The fort was renamed in 1866 by General John Pope for one of his staff, Colonel Christopher A. Morgan, who had died earlier that year. The fort closed in 1868 after being used by 19 different companies from 11 cavalry and infantry regiments (about 1,300 soldiers)."

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