Want to feel old? The Decepticon Soundwave is a tablet now. We remember a simpler time, when the big blue brute was really into mixtapes. Now, he's really into first-party apps. Millenials ruin everything, even your nostalgia. Actually, scratch that; millenials don't ruin anything, especially not toys, and especially not toy giveaways.

To prove just how strong our love for Transformers still is after all these years, we're giving you the chance to walk away with one of Hasbro's 2016 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figures. And yeah, it's a Soundwave Tablet figure.

You can never say ComicsAlliance doesn't care about its readers because we're always giving away the choicest prizes in our giveaways. No matter how many things millenials try to ruin, they'll never be able to ruin free things, and definitely not free Transformers. Hashtag Cybertron Strong.

If you're unfamiliar with the Soundwave Tablet figure, go and take a gander at our review. Go ahead, this contest isn't going anywhere... yet. You've got a week to enter, and the review doesn't use very many $5 words. You can do it. Got it? Good. It's a cool toy, and now it can be your cool toy. Think about how cool you could be with your new cool toy, acting too cool for school while everyone else wishes they were as cool as you. That's what being a winner can do for you.

All you’ve got to do to enter is check out the widget below. The contest is open to all US residents and will end on September 21 at 12PM EST. For more details, check out the official rules here.



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