Next Friday, August 25 is another National Park fee free day celebrating the National Park Service's Birthday!

I've said it before but it's worth repeating, one of my prized possessions is my National Park season pass. I've more than got my money's worth. We live close to so many beautiful places. If I've got nothing else to do, I can always head out and enjoy one of the National Parks or The Colorado National Monument.

Ray Michaels

I'm no photographer either but I've captured some cool shots on my phone this past year. I'm often asked by family back home "What's your favorite?" That's kind of like trying to say which of your kids you love most. They're each special in their own way.

Ray Michaels

I may be a proud owner of a National Park Annual Pass but it won't be needed coming up next Friday, August 25th. I'm giving you a heads up now so you can make plans to take in one of the beautiful parks yourself.

Upcoming fee–free dates:

Happy Birthday National Park Service and thank you for the present!

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