Nearly half of Colorado weed users have clocked in high.

A recent survey of Colorado and other cannabis legal states reports that 48% of marijuana users say they've gone to work high. The survey goes on to report of those that have done so, 39% is high at work at least once a week. The survey wasn't scientific in nature so it's accuracy is somewhat in question but I found the results surprising.

As a manager, I wouldn't be cool with my people coming to work high. Beleive it or not, even at a "fun" job like radio there's a certain level of performance and professionalism required. Being stoned at work doesn't contribute positively to the effort. It's called "recreational use" for a reason. Have fun and enjoy life just not on company time.

The report went on to say that half of the high-at-work folks feared they would get fired if they were caught high on the job. There may be some jobs that clocking in buzzed may not be a big deal and I'm not one to say if your job is one of those or not but if you operate machinery, drive a truck, a forklift, or handle tools, it's not a good idea to do so high.

Nearly 3/4 of the respondents reported that they believed being high enhanced their job performance. About the same amount reported going to work high even before it was legalized. Again, there may be certain gigs where that's the case but I think most agree to be at work high isn't a good idea.

What's also true is that not everyone in Colorado is getting high at work or play. According to a report in 2016 by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, only about 13% of Colorado adults 18 and over reported getting high in the previous month. Another study reports the number closer to 17%. Either way, it's a smaller percentage than most believe it to be.

You already know this but, "don't drive or go to work high." Jeeze, now I sound like your dad.

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