Decapitations? Spewing blood? Hitler? It could only be a GWAR performance! And that's what fans are getting as part of the band's new 'Madness at the Core of Time' video.

The clip, which also features plenty of insane concertgoers, lots of crowd surfing and a few audience members meeting their fate onstage, has just surfaced online, giving fans a taste of the band's 'Battle Maximus' disc.

Front-thing Oderus Urungus says of the clip, "We made a video? I have been so busy touring, getting loaded and mouthing off I didn't even notice. But I am sure it's the best video ever, simply because GWAR is in it." The clip does back up Urungus' bold statement, with plenty to take in from the band's always entertaining live show.

'Madness at the Core of Time' follows on the footsteps of the band's recently released 'GWARtoon.' 'The Animated Tales of GWAR' recently started making the rounds on Funny or Die and the short also features a guest appearance by Weird Al Yankovic. Check out the video here.

In other GWAR news, the band has booked three holiday dates, performing Dec. 27-29 at New York's Irving Plaza, New Haven's (Conn.) Toad's Place and Richmond's (Va.) The National. Battlecross and Iron Reagan will provide support.