Guys over the past couple of days did you get burned by Facebook? Facebook turned 10 and to honor that mark they gave us a little video to look back at our Facebook activity. The short video was meant to take a fun look at your account, but for some, the video caused a little trouble at home.

The video starts out with when you joined and your first moments. It shows your most liked post and photos that you shared. All of this is not a big deal but the end of the video reveals the photos you have looked at the most. That is where the trouble comes in to play for some people.

Some guys never looked at the video and just shared it or sat down to watch with their girlfriend. I have heard more than a couple of people say the damn video caused more than a little trouble at home.

The video ended with either a bunch of photos of ex-girlfriends, the ex-wife or worse photos of her best friend or sister.

While most people didn’t have a thing to worry about those who did found themselves in that really uncomfortable place where the new girlfriend is looking at photos you never wanted her to see.

There isn’t anything you can say or do to explain why they are there. The cat is already out of the bag and running around in her head.

So, my advice guys, if you have not done the video maybe you shouldn’t and if you did don’t share it until you have watched to whole thing and made sure it isn’t going to kick off a fight at home that you will never win.