In a recent survey Groucho Marx was voted to have the best facial hair. Really, Groucho Marx has the best facial hair? I look at the list and can agree on some. Gen. Burnside of the Union Army wore such large “sideburns” that the word “sideburn” was coined from them. Brian Wilson, Salvador Dali and Zach Galifianakis all have great facial hair and even the fictional characters are O.K. with me, but Groucho Marx the best facial hair?
I know Groucho is an icon of comedy and the Marx Brothers where superstars of their era, but in all the Marx Brothers movie’s Groucho’s mustache was greasepaint. Yes, that famous mustache was just painted on. Here is the top ten list.
1. Groucho Marx
2. The Lorax
3. Seneca Crane
4. Director John Waters
5. Ambrose Burnside, a Union Army general in the American Civil War
6. Artist Salvador Dali
7. Comedian Zach Galifianakis
8. Fictional anchorman Tom Tucker from ‘Family Guy’
9. Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson, closing pitcher for the San Francisco
10. Actor Clark Gable

I have a question, where’s ZZ Top, Tom Selleck, Abraham Lincoln and for the season Santa Claus? They all have great facial hair. Anyone you think should be on the list?

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