When you have a gun and a dog in the bathroom, things are bound to go sideways. A Greeley man and his dog found that out the hard way. 

The Greeley Tribune is reporting on how an accidental shooting not only injured a man but his dog as well. It happened on February 13, 2019, at a hotel in west Greeley. According to Greeley Police, the man had his gun on him when we went into the bathroom to urinate and left that gun on the sink.

When he was finished going to the bathroom, he was pulling his pants up and grabbing the gun at the same time, and the gun went off. One bullet went into, and out of, the man's leg and then proceeded into the back and then through the stomach of the man's poor Bassett Hound, Michael.

The man rushed the dog into Evans, to Pet Emergency; that's where Greeley PD caught up with the man.

The man was booked on several charges, including Cruelty to Animals, after getting treated at the hospital. The dog, Michael, was released from Pet Emergency as well.

Here's hoping both of their Valentine's Days went much better.

Get more on the shooting from the Greeley Tribune, HERE.

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