There are some great items available on Western Slope Craigslist right now. But, I would argue that the best things aren't items you can buy, but the free stuff. This week, there are some exceptional products you can have for the price of nothing.

Free brick wall (Orchard Mesa) - I'm not sure exactly what the use might be for a brick wall, unless you are a coyote trying to catch a roadrunner and you want to put this on the other side of a fake tunnel.

Free RV (Bondad) - Here's one for the Clark Griswold lover in all of us. It's a free RV. Cousin Eddie would love to park this in your driveway.

Free dryer (Fruita) - When I first moved to Grand Junction, I thought there were herds of wild dryers since it's not uncommon to see some sitting outside. I don't know if this dryer is wild, but it is outside free for the taking.

Free dryer (Delta/Olathe) - Here's another free dryer - or is that drier? Regardless of spelling challenges, this little beauty is only a belt (and car ride) away from being your new best clothes drying buddy.