When you think of self defense, you probably think of carrying a gun, mace or perhaps learning some martial arts to fight off attackers. But one woman in Indianapolis chose a non-traditional method for fighting off a man who attacked her in her garage last week.

52-year-old Carole said that when she arrived home last week, a man was waiting in her garage. He demanded that Carole give him her purse and said that he had a gun and would use it. She offered up her purse, saying that it was still in the car. At that moment, he charged at her and pinned her up against a toolbox. And that's when Carol's survival instincts kicked in.

Since she was up against a toolbox, she grabbed what was close to her to defend herself: tools!  More specifically, a stable gun. She started to beat the attacker over the head with the staple gun and, as if that wasn't enough, she grabbed two more staple guns from the toolbox and began beating him with those in her other hand!  She eventually inflicted enough damage and the creep ran off.

The man has not been arrested and police are investigating the case.