The wildfires raging in Montana are the cause of the hazy conditions in western Colorado.

Back home in KC, late summer hazy days can be contributed to humidity and air pollution.  Even in these modern days of environmental friendly autos, a couple days without wind in late summer can lead to some hazy conditions not ideal for those with asthma or other bronchial health problems. Even those days didn't appear to be as hazy as what we're experiencing here in the Grand Valley.

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How many of you noticed the red moon rising over The Mesa yesterday evening? According to scientists, when light from an astronomical object passes through the Earth's atmosphere, it "scatters" the light off of the particles and turns them into the reddish/orange color. The smoke and the "particles" in it helped give the moon its look. You may want to step out and take a look. It's scheduled to rise around 8:42 pm local time.

Because of our current situation, the Mesa County Public Health officials have issued a "no open burning alert" for the next couple of days. Also too, those with breathing issues should limit their time spent outdoors. The good news, according to the National Weather Service, in a couple days we should be in the pun intended.

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