If you're new to the Grand Valley of Colorado, there are great places to visit, things to see and other rad things that make this such an awesome place to live -- until you stumble upon the 'curse.' Should this 'curse' concern you?

If you moved here, you should be fine. The curse seems to only affect those who were born here.

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The curse states:

Local legend states, the valley was cursed by the native Utes upon their forced exodus to federal reservation grounds in Utah. The legend states, among other things, that no person born in the valley may leave permanently unless a small amount of sand is collected from the Grand Mesa, Bookcliffs, Colorado National Monument, and/or the junction of the Gunnison and Colorado rivers.

The sand is supposed to alleviate the curse's effects of a supernatural and metaphysical attraction by the valley's soil to the native individual. Of course, this is a myth and cannot be confirmed. However, many exiting locals, native and non-native alike, prefer not to take their chances with the alleged curse and keep the sand long after emigrating from the valley.

It may not be a bad thing to be cursed to stay in such a beautiful place like the Grand Valley.

Do you know anyone who has taken sand from the aforementioned areas, and did it break the curse?


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