Unless you're a big fan of the BBC's "Top Gear" (pre-Joey Tribbiani days) or Amazon's "The Grand Tour," you may not be familiar with this trio.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May paid western Colorado a visit to film footage for the second season of the Grand Tour, Amazon's new automotive show. The trio is currently traveling the world to film parts of the car test drives, reviews as well as entertaining bits with their British-style of humor -- or should that be humour?

The trio spent Easter weekend at the Gateway Canyons Resort in Gateway, Colo. Which is apropos with the resort's automotive museum, exotic car rentals, Jeep tours and easy access to some of the best driving roads in Colorado.

Jeremy Clarkson first tweeted his arrival in Colorado from the Grand Junction Airport. Following his tweet, he took to Instagram to share photos giving clues to where he's located. It's important to note, Clarkson has a strange sense of humor as you can see in his posts.

Lastly is this gem. Jeremy Clarkson sitting behind the wheel of a Jaguar (JAG-you-ar, right?!) on the runway of the Telluride Airport. Clarkson was probably taking the car up to its top speed on the world's scariest and most scenic airport runways.

Being a huge fan of their shows, I can't wait to see the films from Colorado.

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